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Cirrus SR22T vs Cirrus SR22 - Aircraft comparison

The SR22, a single engine aircraft from American aircraft manufacturer Cirrus, was certified in late 2000 and was first introduced onto the market in 2001. In 2010, nearly a decade after the SR22, came the SR22T aircraft. This variation of the SR22 boasted a turbocharged engine that was absent in the original version.

These two aircraft, even with their almost identical names, have many similarities that can be explored. Also, if you are a first time client, the differences between the two can be nearly impossible to spot. In this post, we will explore the similarities and (more importantly) the differences between the two. We will also see how the purchase price of the two aircraft compare.


A common safety feature that the SR22 and SR22T share is the Cirrus Airframe Parachute System (CAPS), which is a parachute designed to land the whole plane safely in any kind of accident. Another similar safety feature is the airbag seat belts located in the front two seats of the aircraft.

The two aircraft also have 4-5 seats available, with both using something called 60/40 flex seating. This is basically a split and folding seating arrangement in the back of the aircraft. The two aircraft also have USB power ports and similar landing gears. The dimensions of the aircraft are also identical: the wingspan is 38 ft 4 in, the length is 26 ft, the height is 8 ft 11 in, the cabin width is 49 in, and the cabin height is 50 in. The two aircraft also have similar landing ground rolls, with 1178 ft (359 m) needed to land the aircraft. The two aircraft also have many avionics in common, such as the useful ADS-B In weather and traffic and ADS-B Out Transponder.

Cirrus SR22T & Cirrus SR22 Seats

While there are a lot similarities between the two, there are also many differences.


The maximum range at 75% power, with 92 gallons of fuel and carrying a weight of 3,400 lbs is 804 NM for the SR22, which is a good range for moving from city to city in the United States. The maximum range for SR22T under the same conditions described above is 934 NM.

Cirrus SR22T avionics - Cirrus Perspective

The SR22 has a max cruise speed of 183 KTAS (knots true airspeed), while the SR22T will have a faster max cruise speed of 213 KTAS. This is no surprise as the SR22T has a superior engine to the SR22. So while the aircraft are virtually identical, the SR22T will let you move at faster speeds.

Cirrus SR22T & Cirrus SR22 Maximum Cruise Speed

The useful load, which is the load able to be carried by an aircraft in addition to its own weight, for the SR22 is 1324 lbs (605 kg). The SR22T will be a bit less at 1242 lbs (568 kg). This difference in useful load is because the SR22T has a higher base weight than its former.

Cirrus SR22T & Cirrus SR22 Useful load

The climb rate, which is how quickly the aircraft will be moving vertically, is also differing for the two. The SR22 has a climb rate of 1270 ft/min (6.45 m/sec). The SR22T has a slightly less climb rate at 1203 ft/min (6.1 m/sec).

The takeoff ground roll is how much the aircraft has to roll before becoming airborne. The takeoff ground roll for the SR22 is 1082 ft (330 m) and for the SR22T it is 1517 ft (462 m). This difference can be important when thinking about what runway distance you have available to you.

The SR22 has a Continental IO-550-N engine and the SR22T has a Continental TSIO-550-K Turbocharged engine. This means that their horsepower will also differ. The SR22 has an engine horsepower of 310 while the SR22T has the greater horsepower of 315. This means the SR22T will give you more of a kick when you’re up in the air.

Engine horsepower Cirrus SR22T & Cirrus SR22

Purchase Price

Another big difference that concerns potential customers is the purchase price. Here we will compare the 2012-2016 models. In 2012 the SR22T was 520,000 dollars and the SR22 was 465,000, a 55,000 dollar difference. In every year after that, the SR22T was always more expensive. The rest of the prices for the SR22T were 585,000 (2013), 630,000 (2014), 675,000 (2015), 720,000 (2016). For the SR22 the prices will be 510,000 (2013), 580,000 (2014), 605,000 (2015), and 670,000 (2016).

So at every point the SR22T has been more expensive than the SR22.

Cirrus SR22T % Cirrus SR22 Purchase Price


These two aircraft, with their similarities and differences, are often recommended for different types of customers. When you are looking into making your first aircraft purchase, it can be confusing when thinking about which of these aircraft is a good fit for you. The SR22T will let you move faster once you get going but it is also important to think about the available range and specifications like takeoff and landing distances. It is up to you to decide which of these aircrafts best fits your aircraft mission.

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