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Cirrus SR22T - Aircraft review

The SR22, from American aircraft manufacturer Cirrus, is a single engine aircraft that was first introduced in 2001. This aircraft was very successful on the market and this prompted Cirrus to create several variations of this aircraft. Eventually in 2010, nearly a decade after the original model was introduced, the SR22T was introduced onto the market. The SR22T brought a new turbocharged engine to the aircraft as well as all other features you would expect from a Cirrus aircraft. This aircraft would soon become the best selling piston engine airplane on the market.

In the next section, we will explore the categories and specifications that make the SR22T a popular aircraft amongst Cirrus Aircraft’s customers. You can keep reading this article or watch our YouTube video about the SR22T.


According to Cirrus SR22T POH, and assuming a mixture on best economy, average weight of 3,400 lbs for cruise, zero winds, and 92 gallons of fuel, the maximum range of the SR22T on 55% power cruise is 1,021 nautical miles at 25,000 feet. This range will offer you the ability to move from city to city within the Continental United States. This aircraft can take you from Chicago to New York City, Los Angeles to Denver, and from Miami to Washington. The SR22T still offers many opportunities when it comes to getting from place to place.

Cirrus SR22T range


The SR22T has 4-5 seats available, with a feature called 60/40 flex seating. This is basically a split and folding seating arrangement in the back of the aircraft. So there would be two seats in the front and then 2-3 seats in the back.

Cirrus SR22T seats


The SR22T has a max cruise speed of 213 KTAS. This speed is faster than the original and this comes as no surprise, since the SR22T has a superior engine. If moving fast is a feature that is important to you, then you should be taking the SR22T into consideration.

Price when new

When the SR22T first came onto the market in 2010, it’s price was 605,900 dollars. In 2011, that price went up to 669,900. From 2012-2017 the price of the SR22T saw a steady increase in price. It’s prices from 2012-2017 were 678,900, 694,900, 736,900, 796,900, 859,800 and 862,900 respectively.


The aircraft’s loss of value over time is an important factor to consider if you are thinking about the future value of your investment. The 2010 model has seen a 29.03% loss in value over time, and the 2011 model saw a similar drop of 29.84%. The 2012 model has seen a drop of 23.41%. The 2013-2015 models saw similar drops at 15.82%, 14.51%, and 15.30% respectively. One of the most recent models in 2016 has already seen a drop of 16.26%.

These drops in prices can also be considered not only when thinking of selling the aircraft, but also when you are purchasing one.


The SR22T, much like all aircraft, require an annual inspection of the aircraft. This process is required no matter if the aircraft is flown or not, and it is required to certify that the aircraft is airworthy. The average cost of this process is 2,500 dollars.

The aircraft will also eventually require an overhaul, which is an intense inspection of the aircraft's engine with necessary maintenance and repair subsequently taking place. These overhauls will take place after a specified number of hour suggested by the manufacturer and usually run upwards of 40,000 dollars.

Maintenance of any aircraft you own is a factor that should always be present in your mind when thinking about costs.


The SR22T also has many avionics that emphasize safety and efficiency.

  • The Electronic Stability and Protection (ESP) allows the aircraft to automatically correct unusual flight attitude, which allows for a more stable flight

  • Synthetic Vision Technology turns the terrain below into a 3-D representation on your display, giving you an extra level of awareness

  • The aircraft will also have flight path markers and rectangular pathways on your display to guide you on your route

  • Smart Engine Monitoring keeps an eye on your engine and alerts you if anything is wrong with it

  • Hypoxia Check and Automatic Descent Mode ensure you are alert at higher altitudes and will descend if you have not responded after a certain time at those higher altitudes

  • Smart Fuel Tracking lets you know what fuel you have left

  • Known Ice Integration is a system that works with the known ice protection system and makes you aware of icing forecasts and freezing levels

  • Cockpit Weather gives you satellite weather services giving various weather products on the MFD

  • Enhanced Vision System (EVS) lets you know what is outside of the aircraft, even at night, using technology that fuses visible and infrared lights

These are just a few of the avionics that the Cirrus SR22T provides to its owner. It’s easy to use screens and features make using the SR22T safe and easy.


The SR22T is just as popular as its predecessor because it features a turbocharged engine and easy-to-use avionics. It’s no surprise that owners of the SR22T want to go fast, because that is what the aircraft can offer. The ability to move quickly while also feeling safe is a major reason why the Cirrus SR22T is one of the best-selling piston engine aircraft on the market. This aircraft is only bound to get more popular as Cirrus continues to deliver quality models.

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